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route_29's Journal

Route 29: Your Adventure to Johto
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the world of pokemanz
An annoying alarm wakes you from your not-so-kind slumber. You're in a bed; this isn't your room. Actually, you've never seen this place at all. Head downstairs to the nice lady with kind smile handing you a backpack of supplies.

"Good luck on your journey today, honey!" she says. You don't have time to argue; you overslept! (Really? But you just got here.) And she rushes you out of the door. It locks behind you. Lights off. This building cannot be entered again.

And all around you, people you've never met roam, probably just as confused as you. The pokedex in your pocket bleeps. "Welcome to the world of pokémon, young trainer!" it speaks in a mechanical voice. "Are you ready? Your very own pokémon story is about to unfold. you'll face tough times and challenges. A world of dreams and adventure with pokémon awaits."

There's a sign next to a path. It's the only way to escape this puny little city, and that's by taking Route 29.
...but what is that music?
Welcome to the Pokémon: Johto Journeys Roleplay, where you're taken from your world and given the chance to raise and love a brand new pokemon. Or hate it. But you're stuck on this journey, so you might as well make the most of it!
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