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Activity Check: End + Weekly Junkdates

Weekly Friend Add/Remove + Activity Check Remove
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December's Activity Check has officially concluded! Characters who did not respond were placed on this list. If you were removed by accident, or if you would like to reclaim your character, please contact one of the moderators or respond to this post by January 12th, 10:00 PM EST.
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re: Poll

Alright guys, brief announcement.

We're going to end the poll on January 11.

There was an overwhelming majority leaning towards ending it early, but we want to make sure there's a plan in mind with all moderators on board when the poll results are calculated. Therefore, we've bumped it two extra days.

We'll announce the result and Route's next plan of action on January 11th as well.
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Activity check reminder + Poll Update

Two reminders: First off, we have THE REALLY IMPORTANT POLL!

Also, we've heard discussion on people wanting the date of the poll pushed up earlier. If you'd like the poll to end on January 9 or keep the date of January 16, please let us know (so we can get a good show of hands on who's up for both choices).


Activity Check Reminder!

If you haven't checked in yet, please do so!! → Right here!
You have until January 8, so don't forget!

If there's anyone we missed or someone went on hiatus or dropped, or if we accidentally skipped them and they checked in, please let us know here! Thanks guys!

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Activity Check: December 2011

Happy New Years, everyone!

Quick Reminder: If you haven't done so already, please check The Super Important Poll to determine if Route stays on LJ! And then...


This Activity Check encompasses activity made during the month of December. Posts and threads started between December 1 through January 8 may be used as long as they were not used for last month's activity.

*Each thread linked must be at least 10 comments long (meaning 5 from you and 5 from another, or with threadjacking, etc.) and in a different character's journal or a log. Action tagging and logs also count as links. (Full requirements should make 30 comments overall, or at least 15 from your character.)
*Icon-spams count as just one comment.
*Half requirements are for those who were on hiatus for up to half of the month and returned more than one week before the Activity Check. (Half requirements should make at minimum 12 comments overall, or at least 6 from your character.)
*Posts and threads made during the week of the Activity Check can be used for that month's activity check!
*Those who returned within a week of the activity check are exempt from the month's check. Those who are also currently on hiatus are exempt.
Full Requirements are one post and two threads, or three threads, or two posts, one thread, or three posts.
Half Requirements are one post, and one thread of any length, or two threads, one of 10 comments and one of any length.

Characters who joined within a week of the activity check only need one post of any length or one thread of any length to verify that they have introduced. (For this month, this applies to those who were accepted before applications closed.)

The activity check ends on January 8, 11:59 pm EST. Anyone who does not check in will be removed from the game on January 9th.

Because of Livejournal's changes and the fact that many people ended up having headaches or not being able to access the site, we're allowing everyone to fill only half requirements for this month if they can't make full requirements.

In addition, we're allowing you to be exempt from this month's activity check if you can't access livejournal, or know someone who's still having difficulty getting to the site, as long as you let us know HERE.

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Route 29: Stay or Leave?

As I am sure you are all aware of, Livejournal has undergone a good handful of changes that have made roleplaying here just a little more difficult. With how the staff of Livejournal and the ones in charge of the code have responded and interacted with the members, it looks as though these changes will be permanent.

Therefore, we have been considering moving our game to another site altogether. This is a poll for all of the current players of Route 29, as we are leaving the decision to a majority vote. Please only vote with one journal per player, be it character or personal.

We request that everyone vote in this poll so that your opinions are heard. If you choose not to vote, then we will assume that your decision is to follow whichever decision is reached at the end.

Now, our choices:
- Move to
- Move to
- Move to
- Move elsewhere? (Suggest location in comments)
- Remain on

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junkdates + announcements

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
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Current Buddy List Count: 295

Alright, guys! Applications will now be bi-weekly, starting in January! Starting January 8th, we will be doing applications on the first and third weekend of each month. The midnight cut-off time for applications will be changed to the Friday before the application weekend.

In addition, Applications are Closing for the winter holiday break. Because both Christmas and New Years land on a Sunday, all applications posted after Friday, December 23 to Friday, January 6 will be checked on the weekend of January 7-8. Applications posted after midnight on January 6 will be checked the weekend of January 21-22. We're sorry this was such a sudden decision.

Also, as a temporary solution for Livejournal's chaos, we've changed the layouts of the game's communities and moderator account for easier viewing and usage.

Happy holidays, guys!
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weekly junkdates

Weekly Friend Add/Remove
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